ZARE acquires a majority stake in the medical additive manufacturing company Proxera



This means that the AM service provider in Europe is now also entering the high growth market for 3D printed metal implants.




The Proxera brand has successfully specialised in 3D-printing of highly advanced dental applications for many years, and it will from today also serve a broader purpose with its strategic approach and cutting-edge niche technologies and materials. The Proxera brand will play a pivotal role in applications for the wider medical sector with a uniquely high-value offering thanks to a fully integrated additive manufacturing value chain, to oversee every stage from the sourcing of the metal powders to the most advanced post processing and surface finishes.


Proxera will operate as an independent company, controlled by ZARE which is already part of the BEAMIT Group. It is fully equipped with lines and plants that satisfy the demands of the medical sector and meet all the strict criteria applied to products for the medical implant market.


Andrea Scanavini, CEO of ZARE and newly appointed President of Proxera explains, “Although the world is still struggling due to Covid-19 developments, we are looking at the future with great confidence and an unchanged sense of social responsibility. With Proxera we want to be extraordinary leaders in technological breakthroughs and have a wider impact on society and people’s life. With this acquisition we are immediately ready to use one of the most revolutionary technologies; one that is destined to transform how patients are treated, hence their quality of life.”


Through its strategic partnership with Sandvik – holding one of the world’s most cutting-edge titanium powder plants certified ISO 13485:2016 also for the use of Osprey titanium powder in medical applications, BEAMIT Group has already proven undisputed leadership throughout the entire additive manufacturing value chain by leveraging Sandvik offering of the widest range of certified alloys on the market for 3D printing to serve the most demanding industries.

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