Xerox Introduces ElemX Liquid Metal Printer


CATEGORY: Manufacturers and Distributors BRAND: Xerox

The technology offered by the company, which was introduced to 3D printing a year ago, brings flexibility and resilience to manufacturing supply chains.

Complex global supply chains leave manufacturers and their customers vulnerable to external risks. Xerox introduces a liquid metal 3D printing solution to bring your supply chain home.


The advantages of liquid metal:


  • Total Cost of Ownership - This technology reduces manufacturers' total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to traditional production methods.
  • Ready to use: Xerox 3D Liquid Metal Technology uses cost-effective aluminum wire instead of powder, providing faster cycle time and eliminating the costly safety modifications required for powder-based technologies.
  • Material Properties: This production-grade technology offers results as good or better than traditional manufacturing methods.


The benefits that Xerox offers:


  • Over a century of experience - As they have consistently brought business-critical technologies to market throughout their history and now apply that experience to additive manufacturing.
  • A Respected Brand - A globally known and respected brand that customers hold to the highest standards.
  • A global network: they can provide high-quality service to manufacturers around the world.

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