Ultimaker Cloud or how to improve the workflow of 3D printing


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The manufacturer of 3D printers, based in the Netherlands, announces the creation of a new platform in the cloud for users of its printers and software that will be operational in the month of March.



Ultimaker Cloud will be a platform ready for the future and designed to provide a rapid response to the professional 3D printing workflow required by users of Ultimaker printers and software. The platform will be available from March 19, 2019 along with the latest version of one of the most widely used printing preparation software in the world, Ultimaker Cura 4.0.


This has been announced by the manufacturer of 3D printers on its website where it has also highlighted the main features of the new platform:


  • Backups: Keep your Ultimaker Cura settings in the cloud and conveniently retrieve them for use anywhere, on any computer
  • Marketplace: Get exclusive access to print profiles configured by material experts from leading brands, choose the ideal material for your application, and instantly get optimized settings in Ultimaker Cura for the best results
  • Marketplace ratings: Share your opinions and experiences with plugins in the Marketplace
  • Remote printing: Send print jobs to network-enabled Ultimaker printers from anywhere and stay informed of print progress


Ultimaker Cloud is designed to meet the needs of today’s engineering and design professionals, simplifying the 3D printing workflow and providing seamless integration with a wide variety of industry-standard software applications and materials.

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