Ultimaker announces enterprise software and e-learning platform


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These two new products, Ultimaker Essentials and Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy, aim to help organizations adopt and scale 3D printing.

Ultimaker Essentials is an enterprise-grade package of Ultimaker software platforms that can be centrally deployed across the organization, with increased stability and a higher level of security. With millions of users worldwide, Ultimaker Cura is already the first choice for many designers and engineers working with 3D printing. Users of this software have long asked the company for the need to adopt 3D printing within their organizations due to IT requirements. Ultimaker Essentials comes not only to benefit those who use 3D printers on a daily basis, but also for IT administrators and teams responsible for establishing and maintaining a secure and stable infrastructure.


Furthermore, Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy is an e-learning platform that teaches the ins and outs of 3D printing, from basics to expert knowledge, through flexible online courses. In a survey carried out by Ultimaker on 3D printing, published last year, it was found that 69% of respondents considered that lack of knowledge is a barrier to the adoption of 3D printing, the most important factor. That is why Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy is born, a flexible online learning platform full of courses created by experts. Of course, the platform offers courses for IT administrators who want to implement 3D printing (as part of Ultimaker Essentials), as well as free onboarding tutorials for customers registering Ultimaker S3, Ultimaker S5 or Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle printers.


Both products are designed to help companies break two of the biggest barriers to adopting 3D printing: embed the technology into a secure IT infrastructure quickly. They will be available now for free early access for a limited time until October 2020.


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