The first 3D printed church will be built in California


CATEGORY: Building BRAND: Emergent 3D

Additive manufacturing will allow the company to build the Lake California Community Church with a more cost-effective option


Rendering of the Lake California Community Church layout. ©


Emergent 3D, along with Don Ajamian Construction, have seen an opportunity to use an on-site 3D printer to build a church in California. Matthew Gile, CEO of Emergent 3D, states that "the idea first came about when the Lake California Community Church was looking for a more cost-effective option to build their church."


The new facility will feature 3D printed interior and exterior walls using a concrete system developed by COBOD. Due to the increasing cost of traditional building materials, the construction company considered the possibility of 3D printing the project as this could generate significant cost savings. It turned out that he was right, and the company found that it could save the church about 10% of the cost by going with additive manufacturing.


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