The 3D-printed protective glasses that help doctors in China


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The daily production of medical glasses included from 600 to 2,000, thanks to additive manufacturing, achieving mass production to support those at the forefront of the epidemic and alleviating the shortage of a few days.

Since the new coronavirus epidemic broke out, all industries in China have offered their help and contributed to fighting the epidemic, but the shortage of medical supplies on the front line against the epidemic has always. Medical masks or glasses, known as the "Three Treasures of Nursing", are the most necessary and the most limited items for the personal physician. Scarcity is always a challenge, the gap between medical glasses with little production, the difficulty of expanding production and the long production cycle of traditional vessels. The R&D team of a protective instruments manufacturing company began to impose a guide 3 to develop and finally print the product in 153 hours, to then start with the mass production of 3D printed glasses. In addition, 3D printing glasses are lighter and easier to wear, are better sealed and protected from fog for a long time, have a shorter design cycle than traditional ones, and the capacity of traditional 3D impressionable



As a professional safeguard instrument manufacturing company, multiple comparisons in equipment selection. Wide format printing, long term printing stability and high molding precision was the main concern of business computers. Foreigners finally bought 200 3D Flashforge printers to increase production, also urgently demanding 200 3D Flashforge printers.


In the near future, the production company further expanded the capacity according to needs, but at this time, the daily production of glasses may be 10,000 pairs.


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