Stratasys teams up with the elite car industry


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Don Schumacher Racing changes to Overdrive with the additive manufacturing of the American company and Arrow Schmidt Peterson Motorsports takes the winner's circle with the high-performance additive manufacturing of Stratasys.

Both teams join the growing list of Stratasys customers who use additive manufacturing to be more competitive in high performance environments, including automotive sports, yacht racing, the aerospace industry and competitive winter games. FDM is ideal to meet the demands of complex careers and high requirements, as teams take advantage of 3D printing to accelerate design iterations, workflows and the production of final pieces.


Don Schumacher Motorsports, trust in Stratasys

Continuing to empower the most competitive elite racing teams with additive manufacturing, Stratasys has announced a new collaboration agreement with Don Schumacher Racing - the most winning team in the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA), the largest automobile racing organization. of the world. The team will take advantage of the advanced technology of Fused Deposition Modeling to accelerate both the creation of prototypes and the design of new components.


The Stratasys F450mc 3D Printer helps designers create functional prototypes, product components, and rugged tools matching demands for strength and stiffness of carbon-filled composite materials (Photo: Business Wire)


Don Schumacher Motorsports, the production arm of Don Schumacher Racing, is currently taking advantage of the Stratasys Fortus 450mc 3D printer and the 3D printer F370, and the high-performance materials. The key applications for both Stratasys machines within Don Schumacher Motorsports include: chassis or fixation of welded parts, prototype development, final proof of concept and usable ultralight components finished. The team uses the wide range of materials to quickly produce parts with the highest level of tolerance required by the environment. The printers are already fully integrated into the equipment manufacturing workshop for their Top Fuel, Funny Car and Factory Stock equipment.


Arrow Schmidt Peterson Motorsports, also with Stratasys

Stratasys signed an agreement with Arrow Schmidt Peterson Motorsports, one of the main competitors of the NTT IndyCar series. The team is taking advantage of Stratasys' Fortus 450mc 3D printer, capable of printing FDM Nylon 12 reinforced with carbon fiber, and the 3D printer F370, as key pieces of its manufacturing process.

Arrow SPM is part of an elite group of professional racing teams empowered by the additive manufacturing of Stratasys. By integrating 3D printing technology to raise the level of competition, these customers maximize Fused Deposition Modeling technology to meet the extreme demands of high performance environments. Stratasys 3D printers and engineering materials are ideal for building advanced conceptual models, functional prototypes, manufacturing tools and production parts.


As the winningest team in the National Hot Rod Association, Don Schumacher Racing uses Stratasys 3D printing to accelerate design iterations, workflows and final part production (Photo: Business Wire)


The 3D printer offers Fortus 450mc FDM Nylon 12 carbon fiber and ASA materials. This technology aims to create functional prototypes, product components and robust tools that meet the demands of strength and stiffness of carbon-filled composite material. The 3D printer F370 is part of the award-winning F123 series: the most reliable and accessible industrial-grade 3D printers in the world. With unrivaled ease of use, the solution offers supreme precision and repeatable engineering quality output.


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