Stratasys recycling and returns program


CATEGORY: Consumables BRAND: Stratasys

The circular economy project of the technology company seeks a more sustainable 3D printing.


When the thermoplastic material: cartridges, reels, print engines and used containers are empty, the company allows its return free of charge to recycle and reuse them. The regulations and restrictions of these shipments and returns for their new use vary depending on the geographical region therefore it will be on the Stratasys website where we will have to inform ourselves of what and how the recycling process will be.


The program helps eliminate shipping costs of waste disposal, reduces logistics concerns, saves space and helps Stratasys customers to comply with the environment and sustainable policies in their region.


"The recycling program is one way to make 3D printing and additive manufacturing more practical and accessible to everyone," says Zehavit Reisin, vice president of the Stratasys Materials Business Unit.


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