Smart3D Macro, the industrial 3D printer for office use


CATEGORY: Manufacturers and Distributors BRAND: Smart3D

The new Smart3D Tech solution is also designed to provide reliable engineering solutions in manufacturing plants.

Smart3D Macro is an Additive Manufacturing solution conceived to seamlessly transition from product development to low volume manufacturing. Repeatable and high quality prints are assured thanks to its actively heated chamber and industrial-grade material drying, giving it the broadest material capabilities on the market, from ABS to composites to PEEK.


Due to its unique motion system and high throughput dual extrusion, Macro leads the way with segment-leading speeds at high accuracy. Its large build volume enables fitting multiple parts per print or replacing expensive molds for larger parts.


The Prototyping Unit is perfect for use in offices or research labs, whilst the Production Module has been designed for the manufacturing plant. Macro 3D Printers interconnect via a serverless neural network which guarantees a level of redundancy and network security unseen in Additive Manufacturing.


Their scalable approach can help companies integrate Additive in their processes with a low initial investment, and scale transparently as their production demand grows.


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