Siemens and HP technology enables 3D printing of full-color industrial printed parts


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Both companies collaborate to change the way in which users of the new HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D can modify the way they design and manufacture.

With the latest versions, Siemens and HP, one of the main references in the 3D printing industry, will allow users of NX software from Siemens and Solid Edge to design and produce full color 3D printed parts. The HP Fusion 3D 300/500 series from HP is the industry's first 3D printing solution for the production of full-color black and white functional engineering parts with voxel level control, faster than other solutions.


The Jet Fusion 3D 300/500 series also supports all major color file formats, including 3MF, allowing designers to easily produce the color parts they want with a reliable workflow. Users who take advantage of NX and Solid Edge for HP's Multi Jet Fusion technology will have access to 3MF files ready for the entire portfolio of HP printers, including HP Jet Fusion 4200/4210 and 300/500 industrial grade solutions.


Siemens and HP are expanding innovation for full-color 3D industrial printed parts. From now on, custom surgical instruments, for example, can be produced by 3D printing with unique identification, readable by both people and machines.


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