RIZE Introduces ´Safe at Home´ Additive Manufacturing Initiative



It is a measure, driven by the demand for resilience in the supply chain that has caused COVID-19

RIZE, an additive manufacturing 2.0 company that brings industrial 3D printing to all users, introduced the "Safe at Home" manufacturing initiative to help organizations build distributed and self-sufficient supply chains, anywhere: in the office, home or factory. With the pandemic underscoring the importance of resilience, RIZE's “Safe at Home” manufacturing program helps companies ensure agile workflows no matter where team members work.


Festo has already launched this initiative

Festo, a global company in automation technology and technical education solutions, is participating in this initiative by purchasing RIZE 2XC printers and installing them in the homes of key US team members from Germany. Festo is also working closely with RIZE on workflows that deliver highly-accurate, repeatable and highly durable parts, whether team members are located in the same facility or distributed throughout the world.


GREENGUARD Certificate for RIZE

The RIZE 2XC is the first professional desktop 3D printer to receive UL GREENGUARD certification to adhere to rigorous third-party chemical emission standards, helping to reduce the risk of chemical exposure and ensuring safety and peace of mind. Recent research has documented long-standing anecdotal reports that many desktop 3D printers release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and ultrafine particles (UFPs) into the air that can potentially be health hazards. GREENGUARD Certified products adhere to ANSI / CAN / UL 2904, stating that these products emit low levels of chemicals into the air during use and contribute to a safer and healthier environment.


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