Prusa Introduces Its Fastest Desktop SLA Printer


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The new SL1S SPEED 3D printer is an enhanced version, based on reviews and feedback from fans and the industry, of the company's first foray into the SLA world.


The SL1 was Prusa's first foray into the world of SLA printers. His first intention was to build a solid, strong and robust 3D printer that would produce consistent, high-quality 3D prints. Based on feedback and general reviews, the SL1 has found its way not only in hobby shops, but also in various industries, and by collecting feedback on its use, the company began to further improve the machine; one of the areas he focused on the most was print speed.


The upgraded version of the SL1 features a new high-resolution monochrome LCD screen, a larger print bed, and all the cumulative updates for the life of the SL1. In addition, the new SL1S SPEED is an ultra-fast machine that produces incredibly detailed 3D prints. The SL1S offers even better print quality than the original SL1 and almost all the main features of the SL1 have been retouched. The build platform is 25% larger to match the new 5.96 ”LCD screen and now has a tapered top. The new print volume is 127 × 80 × 150mm, and the SL1S can now cure a single layer in just 1.4 seconds (low layer height, clear resin) and can reach up to 80mm / h at a height of 0.1mm layer and transparent resin, which is especially suitable for rapid prototyping. Standard 405nm strength resins can cure in 1.6-2.5 seconds, depending on object size, resin manufacturer, and layer height.


Advanced materials that would otherwise require more than 20 seconds per coat can be cured in just 3-4 seconds, a huge improvement. However, when measuring the speed of an SLA 3D printer it is not just about the exposure times, but a significant amount of time is spent on the movement of the platform. And this is the reason why the tilt and movement of the platform are almost three times faster. It has also redesigned the tank, increased the total wattage of the UV LED panel, and improved the firmware. With the draft quality option, a 150mm tall object can now be printed in two hours.



Helpful little updates

While the monochrome LCD screen, improved quality, shorter print times, and a larger build platform are the main features of the SL1S, there are many more changes as well. By popular demand, Prusa engineers have redesigned the build platform so it now has angled top sides.


Firmware development picks up where the latest firmware for the SL1 left off, which means the printer has intuitive controls, offers advanced functionality (network printing, print statistics, and more), and initial setup is quick and convenient thanks to a step-by-step wizard. As with all Prusa 3D printers, the SL1 received continuous firmware updates throughout its life, and the SL1S will be no exception.


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