Prusa causes a change in the 3D industry


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Prusa Research partners with leading brands to release official 3D printable models and start a shift in the industry

Prusa Research, 3D printer developer and manufacturer, has announced the partnership with Adafruit, Bohemia Interactive, Cooler Master, Framework Computer, Noctua, Raspberry Pi, Warhorse Studios, and World of Warships to release official 3D printable models for their customers, fans, and communities. All models are available for free at This step marks the beginning of a shift in the industry towards releasing 3D printable models to accompany products.



“We hope that in a few years, it will be the norm to release 3D printable models to accompany the brand’s products. Having all of these models available will be a huge plus for the customers and add value to the product itself,” says Josef Prusa, CEO of Prusa Research.


The released models include official printable parts for the Cooler Master PC cases, adaptors and spacers for the famous Noctua cooling fans, a detailed model of the USS St. Louis cruiser from the World of Warships game, and more.

“No other 3D model-sharing platform excites us as much as Printables. It may be because of the team's commitment, or the vision behind the project… Whatever it is, we are certain of one thing: Printables is the platform we have been waiting for for a long time.” says Matteo Costa, Marketing Strategist at Cooler Master. is one of the most popular databases of high-quality 3D printable models, run by Prusa Research. All models shared on are available for free, allowing anyone to easily download and print them at home. This opens up a world of possibilities for businesses and consumers alike. Some replacement parts can be printed locally and on-demand, eliminating the need for inventory and shipping. This also makes it easier for brands to support the right-to-repair initiative.

In addition to replacement parts, businesses can also create accessories and mods for their products. This allows consumers to personalize and improve their products, making them even more valuable and unique. And for fans of popular games and movies, brands can create official fan models, such as figures, costumes, and props.


“The World of Warships community is home to a large number of 3D printing enthusiasts and model makers. Together with Prusa, we are excited to bring some of our 600 most impressive ships from our game to life,” says Eldar Alizade, Business Development Manager at World of Warships.


The community of makers and designers has already uploaded tens of thousands of replacement parts, accessories, and fan models to Brands now have the power to highlight these community creations on their profile. Printables also announced plans to run designer contests in cooperation with its partners.


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