Print 3D Free App for managing your filament


CATEGORY: Consumables BRAND: Imprime 3D App

It has happened to all of us, you want to print a piece and not to know for sure if you have enough filament in the coil to print it. If you have only one coil of that filament, you have only two options; you can use another filament that has more quantity or risk and print it.


In the first case it forces you to use another filament different from the one you wanted while in the second case you run the risk that there is not enough filament and the piece remains halfway, assuming a loss of money, filament and time.


Out of these problems comes 3D Print, an App for the management of the filaments, in which you can visualize the filament that you have in stock, with parameters such as the percentage of filament that you have left and its length.



When you are going to print a piece, you enter it in Print 3D and the App discounts the filament that is going to spend the piece of the coil that you have selected.

You can create projects that group several pieces, visualizing the weight and the total cost.


View the history of pieces that you have printed.

If you dedicate yourself to 3D printing in a professional way you can add your clients and create budgets and invoices of the pieces and design easily and quickly.


When you have less than 15% filament left in a coil the remaining length comes out red to indicate that you have little stock remaining.


Without a doubt, it is an essential tool to help us manage our filaments and 3D printing projects.


Download it for free at:



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