Powerful new Adobe 3D experiences for the Metaverse


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Substance 3D applications exceed 60% YoY growth, demonstrating strong demand. Adobe expands access to Substance 3D to students and teachers around the world for free

Adobe has announced major updates to Adobe Substance 3D, a set of tools and services that support the creation of 3D content from the beginning to the end of your project, expanding on the extensibility and performance of the tools. Updates include a 3D Materials SDK for developers, powerful new plugins, and native Apple M-series chip support for Painter, Designer, and Sampler.


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The company also previewed innovations from Adobe Research focused on new ways to design, create and deliver compelling and realistic immersive experiences, and showcased how leading brands are using Substance 3D tools to create unique experiences for customers. Additionally, Adobe has announced that Substance 3D applications will be free to teachers and students around the world.


Smart brands are 'getting ready for the metaverse' by increasing their 3D and immersive content creation capabilities. That means creative artists with a 3D background have a wealth of opportunities,” said Scott Belsky, chief product officer and executive vice president of Adobe Creative Cloud, at a customer event in Paris. "These innovations bring new superpowers to the growing number of creative people using Substance 3D."


Substance 3D Collection to power 3D and immersive experiences The growing importance of 3D and immersive content has contributed to a strong demand for Substance 3D tools in the gaming, entertainment and e-commerce industries. 3D content creation also continues to become a core skill for creative professionals as more brands gear up for the metaverse and other immersive experiences. Substance tools have seen strong year over year growth of 60%, with hundreds of thousands of monthly active users.


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