Peel 2 CAD-S - The Reverse Engineering Solution for Small Parts and Components


CATEGORY: 3D Software and Scanner BRAND: Peel 3D

The new scanner is based on the same proven technology as the Peel 2 scanner, but has been optimized to scan smaller parts, providing a huge resolution of up to 0.1mm

Peel introduces this new professional quality 3D scanner measurement technology optimized for small and intricate parts with many details such as injection molded plastic parts, small electrical components or complex mechanical components.


Thanks to its smaller field of view, peel 2-CAD-S offers an impressive resolution of up to 0.1 mm and a volumetric accuracy of 0.3 mm / m. Designed specifically to work on reverse engineering projects and fully compatible with any CAD software; peel 2 CAD-S is the most comprehensive and affordable solution available to avoid the need to go through third-party software to reverse engineer.


Peel 3D is a company formed by a group of highly motivated individuals interested in making professional-grade 3D scanning technology as accessible as possible. Whether you are an artist, modifier, school teacher, designer, engineer, or just a creative person, the company sets out to help bring all 3D projects to life.


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