Nanoe launches Zetamix SiC filament


CATEGORY: Consumables BRAND: Nanoe

Thanks to this new product, Nanoe makes accessible dense sintered  SiC material to 3D printing process

Nanoe launches a new filament for its Zetamix line: Zetamix Silicon Carbide. With a its impressive properties, Silicon Carbide is an ideal material for several cutting-edge applications as well as to be one of the most complicated material to produce.



Sic material shows several impressive properties that have no equal in many fields : the material has a hardness level close to the diamond one,  a high thermal conductivity, a resistance to wear and to corrosion, a high resistance to thermal shock in addition to be very lightweight.  All these properties are ideal for cutting edge applications such as mirror for aerospace or heat exchanger .


By adding Sic material to its Zetamix filament line, the brand hopes to broaden Zetamix ‘s offer of technical material to these industries . But Above all, the company aims to make accessible a new material to 3D printing process and broaden the design capacity of the material. Indeed, dense SiC didn’t exist for 3D printing before this new filament. Due to its impressive hardness, SiC is one of the most complicated material to machined. Shaping this material before the sintering process can be a significant progress to produce objects with innovative shapes.


As the other filaments from the line, Zetamix Silicon Carbide is suitable with most FFF 3D printers. The final part reaches a density of more than 99% after a debinding process and  sintering under partial vacuum atmosphere (Ar 90 MB).


Founded by 3 engineers in 2008, Nanoe is a French company specialized in the elaboration and production of highly innovative materials. With their knowledge and know how in the ceramics field, they launched in 2018 a new brand, Zetamix : the first ceramic and metal filaments accessible to all.



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