Mitsubishi agrees to a metal powder license for additive manufacturing


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Aubert & Duval and Mitsubishi Power Announce New Partnership for the Production and Distribution of High Performance Metal Powder

Aubert & Duval and Mitsubishi Power announce new licensing partnership for the production and distribution of high performance metal powder MHA3300 for additive manufacturing


Aubert & Duval is pleased to announce a licensing agreement for the production and distribution of MHA3300 powders with Mitsubishi Power Ltd, a subsidiary of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group in Japan and a provider and innovator of technology and solutions for the global energy sector.


The new MHA3300 powder, dedicated for additive manufacturing technologies, exhibits high creep and oxidation resistance as well as low cycle fatigue properties at temperatures up to 850°C.


Aubert & Duval has decades of experience in the development and production of metal powders in particular for additive manufacturing.


The addition of MHA3300 powder to the company’s Pearl Micro powder portfolio will enable its customers to extend the range of metal parts produced by additive manufacturing.


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