Mijia 3D, the 3D printer with which Xiaomi enters the additive sector


CATEGORY: Manufacturers and Distributors BRAND: Xiaomi

For the first time Xiaomi debuts in the world of 3D printing, and it does so through the Mijia sub-brand with its new printer, Mijia 3D Printer, an exclusive product for the Chinese market, at least for now.

The operating method of the product is simple, which is very suitable for beginners to use. No assembly required and can be used immediately after plugging into the power source. In addition, the Xiaomi 3D printer has also added AI technology, without manual configuration, which will allow the printing parameters to be adjusted automatically and complete the cutting.


It is also equipped with an independent cartridge compartment, which supports automatic feeding and return, and the method of replacing the cartridge compartment is similar to changing ink cartridges in common printers.


Even if there is no or insufficient material, the printer will automatically stop and continue printing when the material is replenished.


More information at https://xiaomihub.net/


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