Metal 3D printing for dental can produce very specific complete parts


CATEGORY: odontology BRAND: Renishaw

Additive manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D printing, can produce highly detailed and complex features.

Additive manufacturing can give the manufacturer a significant competitive advantage, making it ideal for custom made dental applications.

AM removes many of the constraints seen in more traditional manufacturing methods such as milling, casting or fabrication. This opens new possibilities for complex geometries and mass customisation of parts, at a commercially viable cost, that were previously unfeasible.


In materials such as cobalt chrome and titanium, AM offers a commercially advantageous way to convert manual dental production into a streamlined digital workflow. This creates the possibility to work with open dental CAD systems and therefore increase potential customer base.


Benefits for dental frameworks:

  • Capitalise on the growth from increased laboratory-based dental CAD systems
  • Remove casting errors and inconsistencies and provide a cleaner working environment
  • Manufacture 100s of frameworks during one build giving you more time for other processes
  • Software packages available for your manufacturing needs that are designed to work seamlessly with Renishaw AM systems


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