Medical precision: 3D printed personalized medicines


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Pharmaceutical manufacturing is closely tied to mass production. For drugs to be sold cheaply, they often have to be manufactured in large quantities. But what if you need a drug in a different dosage than what is sold? Or a different ingredient in the mix than what's on offer?

While it is true that personalized medicine exists, its batches are strictly small, as compounding (the manual preparation of individualized drug treatments) is difficult, time-consuming, and lacks quality control. But now, Helsinki, Finland-based startup CurifyLabs is automating the process by bringing 3D printing of drugs to hospitals and veterinary facilities.



CurifyLabs was founded last year and has since raised €3.5 million in seed funding. In the spirit of medicine as a service, the company 3D prints medicines. He has created a way to safely develop drugs that meet the exact needs of a patient and can be tailored to their size, physiology and species, as well as any allergies.


From inkjet to 3D printing

Niklas Sandler Topelius, founder of CurifyLabs, began his experimentation using a supermarket-bought inkjet printer, replacing the ink with pharmaceutical ingredients in early tests. The results were promising, and the idea of ​​3D printing drugs took off.


The hope is that these small beginnings can have a big knock-on effect. If their initial work is successful, Curifylabs could change the way we treat disease. In the future, medicine can treat you as an individual, get medicines precisely tailored to your body, and obviously revolutionize the world of healthcare.


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