Manufacture parts without redesign for aerospace applications


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Knust-Godwin, manufacturer of precision tools and components, incorporates the 3D printer Sapphire Metal 3D from VELO3D, to manufacture even more complicated geometries

The manufacturer of precision tools and components, Knust-Godwin has announced the purchase of its first VELO3D Sapphire metal additive (AM) manufacturing system.


Known for its capabilities to produce high quality parts with low angle geometries without support structures, the VELO3D solution consists of advanced Flow prepress software, Sapphire printer and Assure quality management software. The VELO3D solution will join the existing Knust-Godwin fleet of seven AM metal machines in Katy, Texas. Knust-Godwin will receive the Sapphire printer in the first quarter of 2020 and has already secured customer orders to print end-use parts for the oil services industry.


Michael Corliss, vice president of technology at Knust - Godwin says: “We see so many pieces that have been manufactured using traditional methods that could take advantage of the benefits of AM. Our new Sapphire system provides the precision and low-angle printing capabilities that allow the recreation of those parts through AM without having to go through a complicated redesign process. Finally, we can print the parts as they are, offering valuable cost savings to our customers and an improved response time for delivery. "


"The oil and gas industry is one of the largest emerging market segments in adopting AM metal, and I am delighted to partner with leaders in oil fields such as Knust-Godwin for direct parts production," says Benny Buller, founder and CEO of VELO3D. "Their extensive experience of more than fifty years in precision machining, combined with their experience in additive production, means that they understand what is needed to close the gap between prototyping and mass production."



Knust-Godwin has recently obtained AS9100 certification and is now expanding its capabilities to address the needs of the aerospace industry. Oil and gas and the aerospace sector share requirements for intense thermal management of extreme temperatures, complex geometries and expectations of cost control and rapid delivery of parts. Knust-Godwin is adding SupportFree capabilities to expand its market and enable them to be more competitive in a wider range of industrial applications.


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