L´Oréal Accelerates Time to Market with 3D Printing and AMFG’s MES and Workflow Software


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AMFG’s MES software enables L'Oréal to optimise order handling and accelerate prototypes turnaround

With its 3D printing volumes increasing, L'Oréal has decided to invest in a solution that can support this growth and selected AMFG’s software as its workflow management platform.

"Considering our 3D printing volumes of thousands of parts per year, investing in an additive MES has been a natural step for us. We chose AMFG for its vast functionality and the ability to customise it to our needs," says Matthew Forrester, Additive Technical Manager at L'Oréal.

L'Oréal has implemented AMFG’s ordering portal, instant price calculation software and data visualisation tools, to simplify the internal ordering of prototypes from engineers and designers.


Here are just some of the ways L'Oreal's 3D printing Lab is using this software:

• The ordering portal allows engineers and designers at L'Oréal to easily order and re-order 3D-printed parts, as well as track the status of their orders online.
• The backend system enables 3DLab assistants to track incoming requests, price 3D parts using custom pricing formulae and visualise 3D designs. The latter allows anybody in the team to quickly check 3D files before placing orders.
• Engineers can convert files into multiple file formats without having to use any file conversion software and automatically analyse and repair the most common file errors.


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Digitising the ordering workflow will go a long way to help L'Oréal automate manual processes, standardise the order submission process and create a better user experience for internal users of AM.

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