LASER PROTOTYPES EUROPE adds Stratasys Neo450s stereolithography 3D printer to Belfast facility


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New addition strengthens LPE’s stereolithography capabilities, enabling it to produce high-quality parts with outstanding accuracy and detail, at speed

Stratasys today announces the installation of a Neo450s stereolithography 3D printer at Belfast-based service bureau LPE, bolstering its extensive range of 3D printing solutions for its UK and Ireland client base. Stratasys acquired UK-based RP Support Ltd. (RPS) in February.


LPE has bolstered its capabilities with a Neo450s 3D printer. Pictured (l to r) from LPE: Craig Rea (Stereolithography Engineer), Simon Barber (Estimating Manger) and Tom Walls (Managing Director)


LPE provides additive manufacturing services for a range of industries including aerospace, automotive, consumer products, electronic devices and medical. Over the last 30 years, LPE has continually invested in the latest technologies and materials to enhance its prototyping, production, and tooling service offering.


With the purchase of the Neo450s, the company expects to see immediate benefits. “Our investment in this state-of-the-art technology will increase our capacity to deliver high quality parts with extremely fast turnaround times,” says Patrick Walls, Director, LPE. “We continually strive to be at the forefront of a very fast-moving industry, so ongoing investment in innovative technologies such as the Neo450s is vital in meeting this strategic objective.”


Stratasys’ Neo® line of 3D printers is based on optimal machine design and latest cutting-edge technology available for laser and scanners, enabling superior build accuracy, feature detail, and low variability across the full extent of a large build platform. As an open resin system, Neo 3D printers provide customers with materials that offer a wide range of properties – such as chemical resistance, heat tolerance, flexibility, durability, and optical clarity. The printers can produce large parts up to 800 x 800 x 600 mm, providing a significant build area in a small footprint.


Daniel Thomsen, Managing Director for Stereolithography products at Stratasys, comments: “LPE has such a long history in additive manufacturing, so it’s notable the team has chosen to invest in our technology to bolster its prototyping capabilities. We’re committed to raising the industry standard with our next generation large-frame industrial stereolithography 3D printers that provide customers superior quality parts with outstanding accuracy and detail, at speed.”


The stereolithography technology further expands Stratasys’ polymer suite of solutions across the product life cycle, from concept modeling to manufacturing. Leveraging Stratasys’ industry-leading go-to-market infrastructure, the Neo line is available for the global market with an expanded set of applications.



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