KOKONI EC2, the 3D printer that is controlled from the mobile


CATEGORY: Manufacturers and Distributors BRAND: Xiaomi

Xiaomi launches a new desktop 3D printer model with a variety of modeling functions driven by Artificial Intelligence. Is able to model portraits from photographs

It is controlled from mobile devices through a totally free compatible app that transfers the designs to the printer and processes them using AI. A simple use that also allows access to a library of more than 2,000 predesigned 3D models that can be customized in size and shape.


Another of the peculiarities of this desktop 3D printer is that it has a high-resolution photographic camera that allows you to control and visualize the entire printing process to stop the process if it does not turn out to be the desired one. It has a relatively light weight since it is only 3.2 kg, and it can connect to our smartphones via Wifi or Bluetooth.


For now, Xiaomi has only put it up for sale in China with a really attractive price. In any case, in Spain the first version of this printer can be purchased through Aliexpres: Smart 3D Printer KOKONI EC1.



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