Jewelry: an isolated object that requires greater productive precision


CATEGORY: Consumables BRAND: Solid perfil 3D

The company Solidperfils3D puts on sale a new resin, Castable Wax, which offers a greater demand for 3D printing with sharp details and a clean cast, ideal for small works of ornamentation and costume jewelery.

Castable Wax resin is a filling material with 20% wax for a smelter with zero ash residue and a clean residue, which accurately captures the most intricate characteristics and offers the surface finish for 3D printing of known stereolithography. Thanks to this new resin, the newly printed pieces are resistant enough to be handled without the need to be post-processed, suitable, therefore, for personalization tests and for direct investment casting.


Delicate geometries, high precision and accuracy

Castable Wax is recommended for filigree and pieces with ornate details on the surface without seeing lines of layers. Configurations of 25 and 50 microns available.



A reliable and efficient workflow to burn easily, as we have previously commented, Castable Wax is full of wax for easy and clean financing.


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