Indukern and Natural Machines join forces to further 3D food printing options


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Natural Machines are the makers of Foodini, the first kitchen appliance based on 3D printing technology. Indukern's Food Division is now making food products specifically for food printing using Foodini

Indukern's Food Division and Natural Machines have reached a collaboration agreement to jointly market newly created ingredients and products specifically designed to be printed with Foodini, a 3D food printer. This global alliance is part of the 3D-FOODIND project and takes advantage of the business synergies of both companies.


This R&D project consisting of Indukern and Natural Machines was awarded by CDTI, which supports technology and knowledge-based innovation within Spanish companies. The project was completed in June 2020, and a product is already going in the market. Currently, 3D printing is present in many industries, including food, where it already has real applications and continues to open a world of immense possibilities. Two of the pioneering and most innovative companies in this field are the Indukern and Natural Machines, both headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. “Food printing is a bet for the future. We have developed products that can be printed with a customized nutritional composition and with the most pleasant appearance, texture, aroma and chewiness possible. With our alliance with Natural Machines we are taking another step forward in this field”, explains Albert Adroer, director of the Indukern Food Division. For his part, Emilio Sepúlveda, CEO of Natural Machines, highlights that “we have taken advantage of the existing synergies between both companies to create a winning project, which helps us to continue growing and further position ourselves as a benchmark in 3D food printing".


The advantages of 3D food printing

3D printing applied to food allows you to have a healthier diet, increase efficiency in the kitchen and reduce food waste. All this by printing fresh and healthy ingredients, personalizing food, nutritional values and presentation, and printing only the necessary quantity. “The advantage is that we can offer personalized food; alternative ingredients; new shapes, textures and aromas; and the possibility that the user can prepare fresh food whenever he wants”, says Albert Adroer from Indukern. According to Emilio Sepúlveda of Natural Machines, the premise of all 3D printers is the user becomes the manufacturer.


The same concept applies with Foodini. Foodini works with food capsules end users can fill with ingredients of their choosing. Sepúlveda further explained, “If you eat anything from a food manufacturer - like packaged food you buy in a supermarket - then you practically are already eating 3D printed food: a food manufacturer takes food, pushes it through machines, shapes it, forms it... we’ve taken that same concept and shrunk the large food manufacturing facility down to a stylish appliance for your kitchen counter. But the big difference is we allow you to use your own ingredients.”



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