Hasbro allows you to customize your superheroes with your face


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3D technology gives fans the opportunity to digitally transform into the action heroes and heroines they see on screen and imagine themselves as part of the stories.


For the first time, Hasbro is bringing massive customization to the fandom, allowing fans to become a part of their favorite stories.


The Formlabs Factory Solutions team has collaborated with Hasbro on the Hasbro Selfie Series project, an innovative effort to use 3D printing to create custom action figures, built to scale. Ordering a custom action figure is easy thanks to the Hasbro Pulse app, which the toy company will have available this fall (although for now only in the US). Users scan their face with their smartphone, choose a character and have the new figure delivered to their door.


3D printing for mass customization

Traditional manufacturing simply cannot scale at an affordable price to meet the demand for custom products. On digital platforms, customization is everywhere. Physical products, constrained by the rigidities of traditional manufacturing, have not caught up.



Formlabs has been working with Hasbro to further develop a custom resin that allows for a wide color gamut for skin and hair tones. Beyond offering aesthetics, the material had to be skin-safe and durable, and meet the high standards Hasbro sets for its action figures. Based on Fomlabs' Tough 1500 resin, the new material produces prints that simulate polypropylene (PP) parts in terms of stiffness and strength.


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