GrabCAD Print, Software for the Stratasys H350 3D Printer


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GrabCAD Print software now specifically optimized to allow users to easily achieve production-scale quantities of parts

Stratasys introduced GrabCAD Print for the SAF-powered Stratasys H350 3D printer. The enhanced version of GrabCAD Print, in combination with the H350, gives users the power to scale their additive manufacturing to production levels.



Stratasys recently introduced the GrabCAD Additive Manufacturing Platform, which enables two-way connectivity between 3D printers, additive manufacturing and enterprise applications, and broader Industry 4.0 infrastructure. The open and enterprise-ready platform brings together GrabCAD applications and third-party GrabCAD Software Partners via the GrabCAD Software Development Kit (SDK). This is designed to allow manufacturers to manage their production-scale additive manufacturing operations across the entire digital thread – from design through production.


GrabCAD Print for the H350 ensures that the end-to-end workflow from digital design to physical part across the manufacturing enterprise is easy, accessible, affordable and connected. The software has been upgraded to provide advanced print capabilities that give users the ability to stack and nest parts automatically or manually to maximize packing density and print hundreds to thousands of parts in a single build volume. Further, because the application is built on the GrabCAD Additive Manufacturing Platform, Stratasys H350 users have access to additional core applications like GrabCAD Print Mobile, GrabCAD Shop, reporting and analytics, and machine connectivity which will allow them to easily integrate their H350 with enterprise systems and Software Partner solutions.



“As more and more customers ramp up their additive manufacturing operations to production levels it’s important that we provide them with a software solution to allow them to do so easily,” said Victor Gerdes, Director of Product Strategy for Stratasys. “When combined with the H350, GrabCAD print is helping customers reach not only their production goals, but their Industry 4.0 objectives as well.”


Introduced in mid-2021 and shipping in Q4 2021, the SAF-powered Stratasys H350 3D printer is specifically designed to give manufacturers production consistency, a competitive and predictable cost per part, and complete production control for volumes up to thousands of parts.


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