General Motors conduces to 3D printing


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Thanks to this new technology, the car company will be able to manufacture lighter, more efficient vehicles with zero emissions.

General Motors will be one of the first manufacturers in the United States to use the new generative design software technology from the software company Autodesk. Based on artificial intelligence algorithms you can explore different options on the design of a piece to find a greater performance of it.


"When we combine design technology with manufacturing advances, such as 3D printing, our focus on vehicle development is completely transformed and fundamentally different from how we could have imagined it before," says General Motors vice president Ken Kelzer.


This new design technology provides a significant reduction in vehicle mass and new parts consolidation opportunities that can not be achieved through traditional design optimization methods. The engineers at General Motors and Autodesk have applied this new technology to produce a test piece. It is a support for the seat 40% lighter and 20% stronger than the original part.


As part of a multi-year partnership focused on innovation, General Motors and Autodesk will collaborate on projects that include generative design, additive manufacturing and materials science. Executives and engineers from the two companies will exchange ideas, learnings and experience.


"Generative design is the future of manufacturing, and GM is a pioneer in using it to lighten their future vehicles," said Scott Reese, senior vice president of Autodesk for manufacturing and construction products. "Generative technologies fundamentally change how engineering work is done because the manufacturing process is integrated into the design options from the start, GM engineers will be able to explore hundreds of design options ready to be manufactured and faster than they were able to validate a single design previously. "


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