From prototype to industry application: how 3D printing adds value to manufacturing medical equipment


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Being members of the 3D Incubator has allowed NGNY Devices to access a large catalogue of 3D technologies, speed up its learning curve and reduce the time needed to modify and redesign parts.

NGNY Devices, SL designs, develops and builds automated machinery adapted to the needs of laboratories.


Technology and innovation are fundamental for the development of its business. Therefore, they consider it essential to keep up to date with advances in the industry and to analyse the value that these changes can bring to their operations. Additive manufacturing technologies have been essential in the recent growth of NGNY Devices, SL.


“We have been using additive manufacturing in R+D for years, with FDM/FFF enabling us to quickly iterate different alternatives for our designs, so we can have stable, problem-free versions very quickly. The ease of printing and low costs have been the main value for testing this technology. It should be noted, however, that this speed has been partly due to the fact that we chose to invest in in-house equipment, eliminating superfluous procedures and transport,” says Tomeu Ventayol, head of R&D at NGNY Devices.


Often, the transition from prototype to routine industrial use is difficult, even with guarantees of functionality. It is very common for assemblies to need continuous changes, for example, for greater robustness, usability and adjustability.


In this area, the 3D Incubator has allowed NGNY Devices to test technologies for different internal processes, to which they would not otherwise have access. "Having a catalogue of 3D technologies within reach has accelerated our learning curve and reduced the time needed for modifying and redesigning parts and assemblies, from the R+D phases to serial production," says Ventayol.



These reductions in time add value to the fundamental market, since they allow a high degree of individual customisation to be offered to each customer. Along the same lines, they also make it possible to offer quality after-sales service, accelerating the design of customised solutions.


In short, innovation in this technology and having direct access to it provides NGNY Devices with a high degree of adaptability and efficiency; and these values are fundamental for the company.



About the 3D Incubator

Since it opened in 2019, the 3D Incubator has promoted more than 100 projects, exceeding initial expectations of having 100 incubated initiatives within 5 years. This scheme is promoted by the Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona (CZFB) and Leitat, which has the support of FEDER Funds through the Incyde Foundation of the Spanish Chambers of Commerce. Thanks to the growing involvement of companies in the new economy and new technologies, the 3D Incubator has managed to consolidate itself as a pioneering project and meeting point for companies that want to explore and develop 3D printing production. The environment is equipped with everything needed for the development of their business ideas: it has offices, meeting rooms, co-working spaces, training stands and other common areas; as well as exclusive access to a complete 3D printing laboratory and post-processing technologies for parts.


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