Firefighters come to the call of the 3D scan


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The 3D scan helped with the customization of a Rosenbauer fire truck, a global manufacturer of fire suppression and disaster protection systems.


The Rosenbauer Group Karlsruhe team told SHINING 3D that fire trucks are manufactured on demand tailored to specific customer requirements.


The team came to SHINING 3D EMEA headquarters to explore the capabilities of the EinScan Pro HD.


Objective: 3D scanning of vehicle parts and equipment to improve the 3D design process

In the process of equipping a truck with customer-requested tools, Rosenbauer went fully digital for the installation of all equipment in the vehicle. The digital models of the products requested to be integrated into the truck are installed in the virtual vehicle in Keyshot. This enables the Rosenbauer team to react quickly to customer feedback and change requirements in the customization process. It also saved them a lot of time to go fully digital.


Sometimes there is the problem that sometimes the original drawings and model data of the products is too complicated to obtain or just not available, but how can this problem be solved to ensure a smooth and smooth design of a custom fire truck?


Fast, reliable and authentic acquisition of object characteristics is handled at ease by the EinScan Pro HD Multifunctional Handheld 3D Scanner. With the assistance of the latest 3D scanning technology by SHINING 3D, Rosenbauer was able to fill the gap of missing product details. Let´s take a closer look at the workflow in detail:

Upon the arrival of the Rosenbauer Team, the EinScan Pro HD has been set up with a dedicated work station. Due to its versatile and flexible handling, creating a perfect setting for 3D scanning of different areas, tools and equipment of the firetruck only took a few minutes.



Less limitations while scanning dark objects and surfaces

The light weight of the EinScan Pro HD and the capacities of dark objects capturing enabled a fast and uncomplicated data acquisition of the driver´s cabin with great results.



Rosenbauer uses scan data to tailor products on clients request

By using the EinScan Pro HD to scan various parts of the firetruck, it is possible to obtain authentic and precise 3D data of the objects, which are perfectly suitable for rendering in Keyshot and thus are the perfect match for the application requirements of the Rosenbauer Team.



This project proves evidence that the EinScan Pro HD is the ideal companion to capture highly accurate 3D data of a multitude of different objects empowering the users to take the next step on their digital technology journey.


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