ATMOBLUE, the first 3D printed smart air purifier



It is a patented air filtration system that uses replaceable industrial grade filters that block 99.9% of air particles.

ATMOBLUE's unrivaled breathing experience uses many of the cutting-edge technologies found in high-end purifiers today, but offers the added benefits of mobility, style and comfort. With excess air produced on demand, ATMOBLUE users always have access to fresh, filtered air.


The creators of ATMOBLUE experienced that several masks on the market offered protection against larger particles such as sand and pollen, but very few masks filtered smaller particles such as bacteria and PM2.5. This is how the idea of ​​creating a portable air purification system came about.



After months of research and development, the team created ATMOBLUE, launching an initial prototype in Asia. The response was incredible. ATMOBLUE received excellent reviews, publications and awards. Today, based on its initial success and prototype, the team behind ATMOBLUE has unveiled a new and improved version.


Improved enhancements have been made to ATMOBLUE, including new and improved batteries, built-in mask controls, improved long-lasting HEPA filters (150 hours of usage time), as well as a recently expanded and patented head strap. In addition to these updates, ATMOBLUE has been updated to accommodate changes to the FCC and UL and is currently undergoing certification reviews for sales in the United States and worldwide. ATMOBLUE is currently RoHS, SRCC and QCQ certified. By funding this campaign, you will be first in line for ATMOBLUE.



If used correctly, ATMOBLUE can reduce the amount of toxic air you breathe by up to 99.9%. ATMOBLUE cannot diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease or condition related to inhalation of toxic air, bacteria, viruses, smoke, or fine air particles.


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