A hospital for toys with 3D printers


CATEGORY: 3D Services BRAND: Toy Rescue

If you have a 3D printer and old toys that you want to fix, this website can help you provide the STL files needed to print those parts you want to replace and leave your toys as new

Each year, more than 40 million toys are thrown in France alone. They cannot be repaired: spare parts no longer exist in most cases because they are old or discontinued toys.


The sustainable idea is part of the French company Toy Rescue that provides all the files you need to leave your old toys as new. In addition, the spare parts are manufactured in an ecologically responsible way thanks to the use of plant-based filaments, which guarantees the sustainability of the service.


The platform is very easy and intuitive and only requires three simple steps: download the piece in STL format for free, print the piece and mount it on your toy.


The files are on the web sorted by categories and parts necessary to print.



More at https://toy-rescue.com/


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