3D printing with material like rubber


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3DGence expanded the available material base with flexible materials for INDUSTRY F340


3DGence has increased the functionality of its flagship 3DGence INDUSTRY F340 with flexible 3D printing material. Flexfill 98A with Shore 98A hardness is the first flexible filament that works with this industrial 3D printer, which can be also 3D printed using the soluble support material – ESM-10. This enables us to obtain even the most complex geometries


There are not so many industrial 3D printers capable of printing simultaneously with engineering materials such as ABS, fiber-reinforced polyamides or PC and now also with TPU. 3DGence INDUSTRY F340 is an exception on the market due to its versatility.


The flow control system in this industrial 3D printer ensures precise filament feeding speed, which in the case of TPU plastics is necessary to obtain high-quality 3D prints.


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