3D printing reproduces meat foods without the use of animals


CATEGORY: alimentation BRAND: Redefine Meat

Redefine Meat is a technology company that has revolutionized food and is seeking to replace the outdated and resource-intensive production processes of the meat industry with advanced technologies and sustainable ingredients.


Founded in 2018, Redefine Meat has developed a patent pending industrial grade 3D printing process for food that reproduces the texture, taste and eating experience of beef and other high value meat products without the use of animals. or products of animal origin.


Redefine Meat alternative meat is 95% more sustainable, significantly healthier, and costs less than beef. Now, after extensive testing and validation with leading chefs and consumers, it has launched a range of five New-Meat products, available in select Israeli restaurants and hotels, all famous for their high-quality meat and most have never served Alt-Meat till the date.


The plant-based product range includes the world's first premium restaurant-style burger; an artisan sausage; a fleshy puff pastry cigar that introduces alternative meat to the hospitality industry; the most versatile ground beef developed for high-quality restaurants and grills; and finally, developed over two years in stealth mode: a Lamb Kebab European availability of Redefine Meat's "new meat" products is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 21, with the US and Asia expected in 2022.




The company will also launch the first full-cut range by the end of the year, providing meat lovers and chefs with a new, high-quality meat alternative for the first time.



It is also currently finalizing production of a large-scale factory, the first of its kind, which houses both Redefine Meat's pilot meat lines and industrial-scale 3D printers, which will produce new meat at scale for the Israeli and other markets. countries. Such has been the rapid growth of the company that it has tripled its employees to more than 100 and has hired leading chefs such as Shai Heiman, who previously worked at the American restaurant Manrissa (three Michelin stars), as well as Rafael, Toto restaurant, OCD and more.



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