3D printing from the bone of an olive


CATEGORY: New advances BRAND: Greene3D

The circular economy project, Greene3D, has received an award for the best sustainable initiative from the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Research Park of the Autonomous University of Barcelona

Promoted by Laura López Mir, PhD in Materials Physics from the Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (ICMAB), and Beatriz Espinosa Aquino, PhD candidate at the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology of the UAB (ICTA), Greene3D is based on the development of sustainable material destined to 3D printing from organic and bioplastic waste.


The prize, awarded with 2,500 euros and six months of incubation to the Eureka building of the UAB Research Park, combines innovation and circular economy and proposes the development of sustainable material destined for 3D printing using as a waste the olive bone, a very abundant resource and accessible in our territory.


Laura López Mir, on the left, and Beatriz Espinosa Aquino, on the right; winners of the Greene3D project


Currently, olive bone is already used as a biofuel, as an additive for cement and ceramics or as a heavy metal filter. The two entrepreneurs add the advantage of manufacturing as it offers 3D technology. Among the potential applications of the material are the absorption of heavy metals, air filtering or light industrial parts with acoustic and thermal insulation properties.


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