3D printed pills, Colgate's innovative solution to take care of oral health


CATEGORY: Scientific laboratory BRAND: Nourished

Nourished, a personalized nutrition services company, has partnered with the oral health care company to offer an innovative new 3D-printed chewable “candy” that adds a new dimension to personalizing oral wellness.


The new 'Limited Edition Nutristacks' are a range of chews that focus on oral health in one refreshing chew. They are recommended by experts and offer an innovative way to personalize oral health care.


Nutristacks are packed with fast-absorbing, high-impact nutrients to provide a host of oral benefits, including building stronger teeth and protecting enamel. Each Nutristack is 3D printed, on demand, to ensure optimal levels of efficacy and absorption.


In addition, they do not have sugar, they are of vegetable origin and, as the company assures, they are delicious. Made with scientifically backed ingredients and 14 patented technologies, Nourished has partnered with Colgate to develop this chew that comes exclusively in three new inclusions (only available at Nutristacks); arginine, xylitol and calcium, which provide a number of health benefits.


Nourished is dedicated to making truly personalized nutrition that's also 100% vegan, organic, and delicious.


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