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Num. 21 - October 2023

We present a new issue of our printed magazine with a special on Robotics and Additive Manufacturing. Both technologies have come together in many sectors to optimize processes and seek productive excellence. In addition, we have on the cover an interview with Jaume Lobato, Product Manager of LCA, and Miguel Medina, Product Manager of 3D Printing, from igus and the largest testing laboratory for bearings and energy chains on the market with 3,800m2 of surface, from the company.

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Num. 20 - June 2023

3D technology has already proven itself as a true answer to many of the problems that companies encounter on a daily basis in their production chain. It is a technology that is constantly evolving for the factories of the future and in this issue we wanted to highlight it. For this reason, do not miss our special on Industry and Maintenance, the news in Artificial Intelligence, the circular economy of 3D printing or the success stories that this technology has presented in construction, medicine, design or consumption.



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No. 19 - March 2023

In the special that we have prepared on 3D scanning in our 3D Printing & Design magazine, we want to publicize this technology, which is so necessary not only for the future of industry 4.0, but also for how we should understand how to preserve and produce our environment. In the near future. In addition, we will find an interview with Antonio Sánchez, CEO of AsorCAD, who will bring us closer to 3D technology and solutions for all sectors, we will talk about the Advanced Factories and Mintech Vigo fairs and we will discover the first 3D printer that personalizes medicines for pediatrics.

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Num. 18 - December 2022

We wanted to dedicate the last edition of the year of the best 3D printing magazine to those companies that, during the worst moment of the COVID-19 pandemic, abandoned profit accounts and used all their technology, all their energy, all its human team and part of its business capital to think about the common good, manufacturing necessary sanitary material. To all of them: "Thank you" and this special on "Technological Social Responsibility", 3D printing success stories, articles on Artificial Intelligence, 3D Technology and a review of what we can find at the next Barcelona Dental Show Congress.


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Num. 17 - October 2022

In this issue, with which we go to MetalMadrid, we talk about 3D printing services, companies that carry them out, customization of the products that the client demands or needs and, above all, we highlight, once again, the indisputable advantages of bet now, immediately, on the manufacturing technology of the future. Do not miss it!


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Num. 15 - March 2022

Our first magazine of the year features a special on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, the keys to achieving the digital factory of the future. On the cover, we discover a spectacular Case Study: the Large Format 3D printing of one of the main characters of the second season of the successful Netflix series "The Witcher", a technical, productive and visual challenge that could only be met by large-scale additive manufacturing. In addition, we learn about the precision of 3D scanning for customisation from AsorCAD, an incredible success story from Renishaw, this time on custom bicycles; and, as always, different and interesting content on food, automotive, design, construction and decoration thanks to 3D printing. Don't miss it!

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Num. 14 - December 2021

This month, our online magazine 3D Printing & Design brings us a special on 3D printing in food. In addition, this issue, with which we close the 2021 editions of our online magazine, brings us a special on the Metaverse, so much mentioned lately; 3D printing success stories, sustainable solutions made thanks to additive manufacturing and a study on the quality of the air we breathe during printing. Also, as always, our online magazine features different articles about 3D printing in the industrial, construction, design and other sectors.

Enjoy 3D printing and Merry Christmas!

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Num. 5 June 2019

Special about Addit3D, special on filaments for 3D printing, novelties on bioprinting, designs and forms unimaginable in fashion or practical cases in which solution was given thanks to 3D printing, are some of the topics you will find in number 5 of our online magazine Do not miss it!

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Num. 4 - April 2019

Apart from our special on Advanced Factories, we wanted to show you, in this issue, a special about the different 3D printers that are reaching relevance and, redundancy, very competitive in the market. Among the relevant brands highlight Stratasys, Renishaw or the new printer for restoration of which soon everyone will speak.

But without a doubt, the great news that we must echo within the world of additive manufacturing has been the inauguration of the 3D printing center in Barcelona that will help, each year, 25 companies from different sectors to promote this technology within their production or manufacturing systems.

Do not miss it!

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No. 2 - September 2018

Discover the second issue of our 3D Printing & Design magazine, without restrictions and free access.

3D printing as a therapeutic option, high-level technology centers, recovery of marine biodiversity, accessible art for all ... Do not miss all the content that we bring you in this edition thanks to 3D printing!


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Núm. 1 - Mayo 2018

Ya puedes acceder a artículos sobre impresión y diseño 3D, tratados con relevancia y profundidad en nuestra revista online.

De carácter trimestral, nuestra primera edición trata de temas tan interesantes como diferenciar impresión o emersión dentro de la fabricación aditiva, las aportaciones de la impresión 3D a sectores diversos, los archivos STL o cómo la impresión 3D se ha introducido en el mundo de la moda, la restauración o la automoción.

¡No te pierdas este primer número!

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